Let’s face it. There’s no shortage of tips, suggestions, and advice permeating the internet that men can tap into to improve their dating profiles. Yet, most don’t bother to learn about any of them, much less implement them.

One thing is for sure. There are several common-sense ways that men can improve their profiles to generate more activity. Following a few key tips can mean the difference between a dead, inactive profile gaining tumbleweeds and one that’s continuously swiped, tapped, or clicked.

On this post, we’ll go over five essential tips (most backed by studies and data) that should help a dating profile get more traction on Tinder and beyond.

Tip #1: Use Spell Check and Proper Grammar

Not how it's spelled

She shouldn’t be the one telling you…

Nothing kills a potential dating deal faster than poor spelling or grammar. Especially when it comes to smart, educated women. It costs NOTHING more than a couple minutes of extra time to check spelling and grammar before posting a bio on a profile.

It can be as simple as pasting the profile text into Microsoft Word or using an app like Grammarly to make sure that everything’s on the up and up. At the very least, it’s a good idea to have a bio checked over by someone else before posting it.

Tip #2: Don’t Be Too Serious – Have Some Fun With It

Make me laugh, I'll love you forever

Guys, it’s not that complicated…

A common mistake that guys make is that they try to come across as serious, brooding, or downright droll. Some guys think that portraying themselves this way in their profiles helps them come across as mysterious or intriguing.

Please. Stop.

Then there are the guys who try to say they’re funny without backing it up. While it’s easy for a guy to say that he’s funny, it’s a lot harder to prove it.

Then there’s the matter of what kind of “funny” a guy actually is. While perusing a profile, a lady will try to get certain questions answered, like:

  • Does he like juvenile, insipid humor?
  • Is he into dry sarcasm like me?
  • Can he joke about himself, without coming across as weak or pathetic?

Women are looking out for stuff like that when skimming a guy’s profile. The better an idea that women can get regarding a guy’s sense of humor, the higher the chances of him getting swiped or clicked.

TIP: Accentuating a profile with an old joke, a memorable movie line, or a popular comedy bit is a great way to earn extra points.

Bonus TIP: When a guy overplays his sense of humor beyond what his actual personality can back up and deliver – not a good idea. It’s better to keep it natural and unforced at all times. Don’t try TOO hard to be funny.

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Tip #3: Avoid Mentioning Sex and Using Innuendos

Your hot dog seems to have landed in my bun

If she lays on the first one, then all bets are off.

Keeping things classy goes a long way, even on the more popular “hookup” apps. Too often, guys think that it’s better to cut to the chase and dive right in with dirty details. Wrong. While that may work on the raunchier platforms, it won’t fly on most mainstream apps, including Tinder.

Rest assured that there will be a time and place to shift the talk to steamier topics at some point after a match. It’s just better to try not to do it on the profile and bio.

Exception: Guys who are strictly looking for ‘down-and-dirty’ hookups may want to be somewhat clear about that on their profiles. It may not do them favors when it comes to getting more swipes and clicks, that’s for sure. Nonetheless, certain ladies who are short on time and patience may appreciate the honesty and directness.

Tip #4: Mention Key Words That Women Love – (Backed By Research)

I'm listening

Want some “guacamole” tonight? 😉

Based on a few recent surveys, certain words trigger favorable responses and reactions from women. And some of them may come across as rather strange.

A few examples of the winning words that guys should mention include:

  • Physically fit”
  • Perceptive”
  • Spontaneous”
  • Outgoing”
  • Optimistic”

And oddly enough…

  • Guacamole”
  • Pumpkin Spice”

Tip #5: Tell Them What To Do

Right now!

Don’t Wait! He’s Only Available For A Limited Time!

As proven by the advertising world, giving a clear, concise call to action works wonders. Guys should take advantage of the short time that they have women’s attention to tell them what they should do next.

Most guys end their profiles with no call to action or anything that will spur a woman to take the next steps.

Saying something as simple as: “If you’re a GOT fan as much as I am, then swipe right and message me now. Let’s discuss!” will get women who resonate with a profile on some level to take the initiative.

Even something to the point like: “Want to know more about me? Swipe now then let’s chat!” can make a massive difference. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different call-to-actions.  

Wrap Up

It’s not necessary to be a poet, literary genius, or writing virtuoso to write up an effective dating profile. It’s a matter of following some simple guidelines and having a winning strategy. That’s usually enough to change the game. Testing different elements on a profile is also a great way to determine what works better over time, while improving the profile.

Just by doing more things the right way, the chances of a profile getting more swipes, clicks, and messages can go up for virtually any guy. It’s just a matter of taking the time, investing the effort, and staying committed. 

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