Let’s face facts, most guys aren’t poetic geniuses or wordsmiths by any stretch of the imagination. Yet most of them will still try to sweet-talk their way into women’s good graces, usually with bad or mixed results.

Luckily though, there are several key ways that guys can initiate attraction from women without uttering a single vowel. And yes, most of them work in the online dating realm just as well as they do IRL.

In today’s installment, we’re going to cover several tips and strategies to maximize attraction before a single word is uttered:

Start By Sprucing Up The Wardrobe

Still true!

Oftentimes, the first thing that women notice on guys’ dating profiles (as well as in the real world) is how they dress. If the clothes aren’t up to snuff, rest assured that chances don’t bode well for attraction.

First off, before considering updating their style, guys should take into account how their existing clothes actually fit on them. If they’re too tight, too baggy, or just plain don’t fit very well, donate them at the nearest shelter. Getting honest feedback from friends, family, and colleagues can go a long way in determining what style “fits”. It’s also important to select clothes that compliment a guy’s specific body type.

Some other clothing tips:

  • Shirts (especially T-shirts) should fit properly. The sleeve seams of pretty much any style of shirt should line up with the corners of the shoulders. If they go past them, the shirt will be too baggy and loose.
  • When it comes to jeans, chinos, and other casual pants, avoid “slim fit” designs. Pants should not be too tight or too loose, they should fit just right.
  • If a guy is in doubt of fashion trends, it’s best to stick to the classics. Rest assured that nothing cries out “desperation” more than guys who make themselves into fashion victims while trying to look hip.
  • Pay attention to the shoes. Wearing a dressier pair of shoes for certain occasions, while keeping it casual for others can go a long way in rounding out a wardrobe.

Be Comfortable With Yourself

Feelin’ good in your own skin!

Building a rock-solid wardrobe is only half the battle. Guys also need to give off the right visual cues (both in profile pics as well as IRL) to trigger attraction by women. When a guy finds himself to be truly comfortable in his own skin, it does wonders in garnering the right kind of female attention.

Some tips to get more comfortable:

  • Personal grooming such as hair, mustaches, and beards should be given daily attention. Just don’t go overboard. Appearing obsessed with one’s grooming can send off the wrong signals.
  • Dress for the occasion! Too often, guys will either go overboard with what they’re wearing or give off the impression that they don’t care at all about even the minimum dress code. Both are fatal attraction killers.

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Work On The Body Language

Ain’t that the truth…

How a guy carries himself can speak volumes about how self-confident and secure he is. Displaying those qualities will dramatically boost the chances of grabbing a lady’s attention. Seemingly inane things like how a guy poses in photos and presents himself in daily life can make or break the deal.

For example, studies show that most men walk too fast. Women consider men who walk slower with more controlled movements to be more attractive. Men should also not be shy about occupying a certain amount of space. For many women, doing so gives women the impression that he is ‘marking territory’. While guys get a lot of flak for “manspreading” on the subway, there are places and situations where such bold moves garner the right kind of attention.

NOTE: We cover more about body language and self-confidence in other posts. Check them out!

Be Warm and Friendly, Without Being Creepy

You get the idea…

Guys shouldn’t be afraid to express warmth and closeness, it just needs to be done with some finesse. The attraction is an emotional response to stimuli that are being dished out to a woman. If she feels comfortable, she will respond accordingly. If she doesn’t, that will be clear too.

A great way to show warmth is by hugging friends and acquaintances when meeting again. Touch people warmly and appropriately, without going overboard. Doing this while not acting overtly “cool” to strangers can speak volumes. It’s ok to notice the mutual attraction between a guy and a girl. Go with the flow with confidence and respect and see how things play out.

Take A Genuine Interest In People

Show that you care…

Women melt for men who show that they care about others. Especially men who do it without faking it. The easiest way for men to exhibit this quality is by paying attention to people around them. They shouldn’t be afraid to start conversations with strangers. Offering to help people who are clearly in need is always a plus.

When involved in a conversation, listening rather than talking will always score points. Acknowledge what people are saying, and genuinely listen. It’s such a rare trait these days that women can’t help but be bowled over when they see guys do it. Guys who give people their undivided attention will always stand out of the crowd. That means listening without checking their phones, scanning the room, and other insensitive stuff most people do, usually subconsciously.

Wrap Up

Mastering these few simple-yet-powerful elements can make all the difference in drawing initial attraction from women. Better yet, they can be done without uttering a single word. After the initial attraction is established, keeping the conversation and vibes flowing in the right direction becomes a lot easier.

The trick is to give off all the right signals without having them appear to be forced or fake in any way. Guys who choose to put on an act rather than genuinely improve don’t do themselves any favors. All they do is make women more cynical and suspicious of men’s motives in general. Don’t be part of that problem. Guys who are genuine, sincere, and committed to bettering themselves both inside and out come out way ahead.

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