Often when an online match reaches the much-ballyhooed ‘first date’ phase, guys get stuck. They discover that they’re unable to get a solid read on a girl. They may even find themselves trying to determine whether or not any headway is being made with a match.

When those clouds of doubt set in, it’s typically because guys are focusing too much on the conversation and dialogue, while missing all of the significant-but-silent clues.

It’s important to understand that positive conversation happens on both spoken and nonverbal levels. Giving both the attention that they deserve can go a long way in building chemistry. For one thing, it can help men get a better read on the women that they’re going on dates with. The result? Usually more successful and satisfying encounters will happen.

Even better, being able to detect nonverbal signals during a Facetime, Skype or Whatsapp call BEFORE the first date can be a game-changer. Catching those valuable signals at such an early stage can do wonders in boosting the date’s chances of success.

In this post, we’re going to cover just a few of the many nonverbal signals that women give off. These are clues that men should be able to tune in to, along with some other helpful tips:

Genuine (and Continuous) Smiling

You’ll know when it’s for real…

Men often ignore or miss when women smile and that’s a major mistake. When she can’t help but smile due to honest emotions of joy, humor, fun, and enthusiasm, that speaks volumes. It’s a solid display of how she’s truly feeling in a guy’s presence. If a lady is smiling from ear-to-ear through an entire date or even a video call, consider that a good sign. It’s safe to assume that she likes what she sees and hears so far.

Important tip: When women are genuinely smiling (as opposed to fake, polite smiling), it’s easy to notice it in the eyes. Watch for scrunching corners or above-normal levels of squinting.

She Plays With Her Hair

Yep, that’s a dead giveaway…

Women have been expressing their attraction to men with how they handle their hair since the cave-dwelling days. Men, of course, respond to it because it’s programmed into our DNA. When a girl who senses interest in a guy starts touching or combing her hair with her fingers, assume that there are some positive vibes in the air. Passionate, self-expressive, and less-inhibited ladies may even start twirling or unconsciously braiding their hair without a second thought.

If a girl starts doing any of this during a video call, it’s a fair bet that she’s intrigued and doing her best to draw the guy in. On the flip side of that, if she’s pulling or running her hands erratically through her hair, that may be a bad sign. It could be because she’s under stress, dealing with issues, or even bored. If this nonverbal cue is detected, a guy should proceed with caution.

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She Maintains Prolonged Eye Contact

When she just can’t look away…

When it comes to getting the best nonverbal cues, the eyes say it all. Men must pay close attention to the eyes. One of the classic positive signs is when a lady maintains steady and consistent eye contact during a date or video call.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s indeed possible to have effective eye contact via video communication. It will be clear that a she’s staring directly into a guy’s eyes on her screen. Guys who can detect this action can gain a mile-long head start in the body language reading department.

Besides straightforward eye contact, another eye-powered cue to check for is how she looks a guy over. If she intermittently scans from the eyes down, it’s safe to say that she’s pleased with what she’s seeing and feeling.

There’s Constant Touching Going On

You’ll know when it happens…

Once things get to the first date level, it’s easy to determine whether or not a girl is into the date by how much she’s touching the guy. Most times, it will be light or subtle touching, grazing, or caressing. However, it can also be a firm tap, a playful slap, or even a poke. In almost all cases, touching can be read as a sign of attraction. This is especially true if it quickly happens on the first date after a set of video calls. It establishes that she’s already visibly attracted to a guy.

Suffice to say that if a girl is not attracted to a guy,  it will be clear. She won’t go out of her way to make any kind of physical contact whatsoever. In fact, usually, the opposite will occur and she will do her best to keep a safe distance at all times.

All that said, a few physical signals that should be considered red flags: Resistance to hugging, pats on the back, and impersonal handshaking at the end of the date are typical signs that a guy has entered the dreaded ‘friend zone’.

Wrap Up

Chances are that most guys have seen these signs already, whether on dates or on those critical video calls before the first date. It’s just important to keep in mind that these and any other nonverbal signals (we’ll be covering more of them in future posts) are just that, signals. It’s important to keep context and other relevant factors into consideration when trying to get a ‘read’ from a lady. If the verbal communication isn’t jibing with the nonverbal stuff, chances are that something’s amiss.

In any case, guys should always maintain proper respect and courtesy during the date. A woman must never be made to feel uncomfortable because of misconstrued signals. If there’s any reason to doubt the signals, then guys should err on the side of caution.

Even with mixed signals, women will appreciate a guy’s restraint if he doesn’t make any assumptions. Whether or not there are any sparks, she’ll at least respect him for not jumping the gun because of a ‘one-off’ signal. Common courtesy, a sense of humor, and even a bit of verve goes a long way in giving off all the right signals.

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